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How To Write Comprehensive Articles Using MarketingBlocks

With MarketingBlocks you stand a chance to write amazing content thAT COULD blow your clients away, not just short content but really long copies for whatever purpose you deem fit, Let’s dive in a see how you can achieve this in a few steps.

STEP 1: log in to your MarketingBlocks account and create a new project or maybe use an existing project if you wish

STEP 2: Select document on the left part of your screen as highlighted on the screenshot

STEP 3: On this page, you can create a new project or simply use an existing project as highlighted below;

STEP 4: For the sake of this tutorial I will have to start with a fresh project, so after clicking on creating a new project, kindly add your project name and select either the blank document option or blog post wizard to generate a blog post.

STEP 5: Fill in the necessary items on the form and click on generate as shown below;

STEP 6: As you can see the system already generated awesome content as shown in my screenshot you can go further to generate titles or short copies if you wish by clicking on the copyblocks tab.

STEP 7: With the options on the top of your editor you can format your text, add italics, bold, underline, etc…

STEP 8: Lastly you can also save or download your generated content in a doc format, as highlighted in the screenshot below;

Updated on November 17, 2022

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