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How To Use The ChatBlocks Tool.

This article talks about ChatBlocks and how best to use the tool.

Firstly, what is ChatBlocks?

ChatBlocks is an AI-powered conversational platform designed to create personalized, automated conversations. It uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to understand the customer’s intent and respond to customer queries with intelligent, contextual answers.

It can also automate repetitive customer service tasks, allowing agents to focus more on complex customer service issues.

In simpler terms, ChatBlocks can act as your Personal Assistant.

Here’s how to use the tool.

Step 1: Log into MarketingBlocks.

Step 2: On the dashboard, click on ChatBlocks. 

Step 3: Enter your chat in the box provided to start a conversation.

Click on the audio icon to use the voice prompts.

Click on Done and select your preferred Language.

Step 4: Click “Start new chat” to begin a fresh chat.


The Chat Templates

The chat templates in ChatBlocks are designed to help you create a custom conversational flow for your customer conversations.

Our templates are optimized for specific topics and use Natural Language Processing to create custom conversations for each individual customer interaction.

Here’s how to use the Chat Templates. 

Step 1: Click on Chat Templates. 

Step 2: Choose the one that best suits your use case from the different categories.

Step 3: Fill in the prompt builder.

Step 4: Click the Generate button.


The AI Tools

The AI tools in MarketingBlocks can also be called up and used in ChatBlocks.

Let’s see how this can be achieved.

Step 1: Click on the “+”  icon

Step 2: Choose any AI tool that best suits your use case. Note that the steps are one and the same for any of the AI tools selected.

For this article, the Landing pages AI tool will be selected.

Step 3: Click on the Start New button

Step 4: Input the description of your business or product.

Step 5: Describe your product or service.

Step 6: Add keywords that best describe your product or service. Note that this will be used to search for images and videos for your selected AI tool.

Step 7: Select your preferred colour.

Step 8: Wait a few moments for the asset to be completed.

Step 9: Click on the “Preview Page” to preview the completed landing page design.

Step 10: The “Edit page” button redirects you to the AI Landing Pages Editor to edit the landing page. With that, you can change text, images and videos and add more sections to your Landing page.


And that’s it!

If you need further assistance, kindly use the chat widget at the bottom-right corner of this page or send an email to our support desk(support@marketingblocks.ai) for prompt assistance. Thank you!







Updated on March 1, 2023

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