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How to Generate a Spokesperson Video

In this tutorial, I will show you step by step how to generate a spokesperson video even if you have not created a video before.

First, you need to create a project before you can access the Spokesperson video Feature inside MarketingBlocks.

Note: The Spokesperson Video Feature is an upgrade. If you can not find it in your dashboard, it means you didn’t purchase the upgrade.

Let’s begin with the first step,

Step 1: From your dashboard, Click on the Spokesperson Video

The text for the video is already generated for by the AI but you can Rewrite it and choose your preferred Language.

Step 2: Choose Your Stock Avatar and Voice

The Stock avatar refers to the spokesperson in video. So you choose a male or a woman

And Choose the Preferred Voice

Step 3: Click on Generate Video

Once you click on the generate video button, the video is automatically generated for you

And you can download the video right on your computer

And that’s it!

If you need further assistance, kindly use the chat widget at the bottom-right corner of this page or send an email to our support desk(support@marketingblocks.ai) for prompt assistance. Thank you!

Updated on November 11, 2021

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