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How To Use The MarketingBlocks AI Document Tool

With MarketingBlocks, you can now ask Ethan(MarketingBlocks AI) to do or write ANYTHING for you, from copy, long-form content, and ideas to writing or debugging code, revising or rewriting content, and even doing research.

I mean, absolutely ANYTHING!

Like ChatGPT, it works conversationally, making the experience seamless and super engaging.

Let’s dive in to see how it works.


STEP 1: Log in to your MarketingBlocks account, “Create a New” project, or click on “Existing Project.”

STEP 2: Select the “Document” on the left part of your screen, as highlighted in the screenshot.

STEP 3: On this page, you can create a new document project or use an existing project as highlighted below;

STEP 4: For the sake of this tutorial, I will have to start with a fresh project, so after clicking on creating a new project, kindly add your project name and select either the blank document option or blog post wizard to generate a blog post.

STEP 5: Immediately you click on “Create New Document,” you are taken to this view, as seen in the screenshot below. Right here, we have two options;

  1. Chat History
  2. Prompt Templates

So, we’ll take each of them one after the other.

From here, you can start engaging/conversing with the AI. Make sure you make your prompt as detailed as possible.

STEP 6: For the sake of this article, we’ll use the example in the input area, “Provide a list of 5 blog post topics that will attract high search engine rankings for articles about finding the perfect accessories for an upcoming event.

Once input, click the “Send” icon


You can add the results to favourites, rewrite, edit, copy or hide your result.

Click Here to Add to Documents


You can ask Ethan ANYTHING; give it the instructions just as you’ll give to your assistant in the office, and sit back to be blown by the amazing results you’ll get.

Prompt Templates

With this option, you get access to all the copy and content categories available in MarketingBlocks.

So, right here, you can start generating your copy, article, blog post, or long-form block-by-block from this seamless interface.

STEP 7: Switch to the Prompt Templates tab and select your preferred copy category from the list.

STEP 8: Enter a product name, description, and target audience, then click the “Generate” button.

STEP 9: Your generated content is displayed right here.

Google-style Editor

STEP 10: Once you click on the “Add to Doc” the generated result is added to the robust Google Doc-like content editor where you can further edit and optimize your content.

STEP 11: By generating one block at a time, you can generate all the copy blocks needed to make up your article, blog post, book and long-form content.

You can highlight a text and then right-click to – expand, improve, give real-life examples and customize yours. Let me show you.


The result


The result


The Result

You can also add a custom prompt.

The result

STEP 12 Lastly, you can also save or download your generated content in a doc format, as highlighted in the screenshot below;

That’s it!

If you need further assistance, kindly use the chat widget at the bottom-right corner of this page or email our support desk(support@marketingblocks.ai) for prompt assistance. Thank you!

Updated on April 10, 2023

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