What are Info Tags & How to Create them

What are Info Tags

InfoTags is a helpful tool for managing your brand's information across MarketingBlocks. 

This handy feature allows you to store essential details about your company, such as brand description, guidelines, voice, value propositions, and positioning documents.

Imagine you engage Ethan to create a logo for your business, and it asks you to input your business description. You go ahead to type in the long description, blah blah blah. And then again, you want to create some banners, and Ethan once again asks you to input your business description…

So, instead of having to type in this frequently used information every single time you need them, why not save them as InfoTags, and have them handy?

Cool right?

It saves time and enhances content quality by easily referencing and using these InfoTags anywhere and anytime within the MarketingBlocks Suite.

How to Create Tags

Step 1: From your ChatBlocks view, click on the “Info Tag” A pop-up will appear. Click on “Add New Tag”

Step 2: After that, a bigger pop-up will show. Enter the “Name” for your Info Tag( Just for identification purposes) and then the “Information” you want to keep handy. Then click on “Save”.

How to Use Your InfoTags.

Step 1: From your ChatBlocks view, when you need to enter a “Description Of Your Product” or “What Your Product Is About” which you’ve already saved as InfoTags. 

Then, press the “# Info Tags” and it pops up a list of your saved InfoTags, then select your preferred one, and go ahead to click on it.

That's it!

If you need further assistance, kindly use the chat widget at the bottom-right corner of this page or email our support desk (support@marketingblocks.ai) for prompt service.

Thank you!